Algebra 1 Final Exam Information


The Algebra I (Common Core) Regents examination, given Tuesday, June 13, will be your final exam for the course, worth 20% of your overall final grade. For more information about the exam itself, logistics for taking it, and advice, please see the Final Exam Information handout given/emailed on the first day of review.  Check the Exam Review Calendar for a breakdown of what we will be doing to review for the exam.

Completion of daily review assignments will be crucial to your success on the test. As a result, all review homework assignments count double towards your 4th marking period HW grade. The first credit will count as a new HW credit, and the second will be used to replace a missed HW from earlier in the marking period (or, if there are none, as an extra HW credit for the review).

Topical Review

Review Book Assignment Answers

  • Assignment 1 Key (1-8, 25, 26, 33 from Jan 2017; 13, 16, 27 from June 2016; 1, 18, 22 from Jan 2016)
  • Assignment 2 Key (9-16, 27, 28, 34 from Jan 2017; 1, 2, 10 from June 2016; 10, 12 from Jan 2016)
  • Assignment 3 Key (17-24, 29, 30, 35 from Jan 2017; 12, 19, 28 from June 2016; 9, 17 from Jan 2016)
  • Assignment 4 Key (31, 32, 36, 37 from Jan 2017; 32 from June 2016; 20 from Jan 2016)
  • Assignment 5 Key (1-8, 25, 26, 33 from August 2016)
  • Assignment 6 Key (9-16, 27, 28, 34 from August 2016, 9, 22, 31 from June 2016; 5, 13, 35 from Jan 2016)
  • Assignment 7 Key (17-24, 29, 30, 35 from August 2016)
  • Assignment 8 Key (31, 32, 36, 37 from August 2016; 30 from June 2016; 2, 8, 23, 29, 30 from Jan 2016)

Additional Review Material and Notes

AP Statistics Final Day

Your written report is due. Submit the report via Google Docs, sharing it with me in edit mode. Name the report “LastName1, LastName2, LastName3 – Final Project.” If you need to refer to it, the Google Drive file for final project information is here.

Please complete the Peer Evaluation form for every member of your group (including yourself!) by Friday, June 16th. Failure to do this will result in a lowering of your grade!

Finally, please complete this Course Evaluation. Your feedback is very important to me, as it’s one of the best ways for me to improve as a teacher. Please be honest; I’m not asking you to submit your name and I won’t even look at the responses until later in the summer, well after grades are in.

Fractals & Chaos Final Day

Please watch the video posted here for the final part of the course. Play around with the application featured in the video here (though watch the video, first!). Thank you to Mrinal Thomas for developing this application!

Please also complete the course evaluation posted here by June 14th. Your feedback is very helpful for me to improve the course. Feel free to be honest!

Algebra 1 Final Day

Check out the key to your last homework assignment posted here. Today, I want you to first complete this course evaluation. Your feedback is very important to me so that I can continually improve as a teacher. Please don’t be afraid to be honest; I’m not collecting names and I won’t even look at the results until later in the summer when all the grades are in.

After completing the evaluation, log into IXL and complete any starred module up to a score of at least an 80.

Algebra 1 Assignment for 6/2

No Google form today.

Your homework is to finish the Topical Revew – Systems of Equations packet that we started in class today. If you missed the examples, I recommend you go to Kirk’s website and rewatch some of the videos from Unit 5 – Systems. Specifically, I would recommend you watch the videos for Lesson 4 – The Elimination Method and Lesson 8 – Modeling with Systems of Inequalities.

Fractals & Chaos Assignment for 5/26

If you’d like to play around with the piecewise complex linear function fractal generator, you can find a link to download the program here.

If you weren’t in class, we debriefed/formed some conclusions about linear functions then moved on to quadratics. For now, we’re keeping it simple and just iterating z -> z^2. We iterated several test seeds to start to see what kind of behavior would be expected in this iteration process, so pick a few below and iterate them (remembering that [r,theta]x[r,theta] = [r^2,2theta]) to see what happens for yourself. Should the value of theta ever exceed 360 degrees, reset it to a value within the 0 < theta < 360 domain.

  • [2,10]
  • [1,45]
  • [1/3,60]
  • [1,30]
  • [5,180]
  • [1,7]
  • [1,120]
  • [1/2,36]
  • [2,90]
  • [1,10]

Algebra 1 Assignment for 5/26

We’re changing up the order of review a bit and getting started with the first practice test this weekend.

The first test in your review book is the most recent one: from January 2017.  Please work on the first batch of questions: 1-8, 25, 26, and 33 this weekend. Also, work on the following questions from the June 2016 and January 2016 exams:

  • June 2016: 13, 16, 27
  • January 2016: 1, 18, 22

Algebra 1 Assignment for 5/24

We finished our review of sequences today, and if you missed any part of it you can find the completed notes here. I would also recommend you watch this video to catch up on some of the important parts of what you missed.

Your homework is Topical Review – Sequences (HW). This is a collection of actual Regents questions that have come up about arithmetic and geometric sequences, so it should give you a good idea of what you need to be able to do. Remember that this homework assignment is worth two credits!


Fractals & Chaos Assignment for 5/22

We discussed in class that a fractional value of T will (eventually) result in a number of spokes equal to the denominator of T. If T = 1/3, for example, then every third iteration ends up exactly where you started, only closer (if you’re attracting with a value of R<1) or farther (if R > 1). But this spoke-like behavior doesn’t always appear immediately; sometimes you’ll see spirals before you see spokes. Our next question is to explore why, but first, please finish the front of the Complex Paint Worksheet. For each of these, start with R of .9, then gradually slow it down (R = .95, R = .99, R = .995, etc) so you can watch the different spiral/spoke patterns emerge. The last two can be entered as PI and PHI directly into Complex Paint.

Algebra 1 Assignment for 5/22

Today, we completed a field test as required by New York State. If you were not in class, you do not have to make this up. We will start to review for the Regents exam on Tuesday.

Tonight, please finish the Pre-Review HW Assignment (Are You an Algebra Ace?) that you got in class on Friday. Note that all of the answers you find should add up to exactly 100. I’ll also tell you that the answer to the last question, number 14, is 27.