AP Statistics Final Project Information


Per the Post-AP Schedule, the rest of our time in class will be spent working on final projects. All the information about requirements and expectations can be found in the Google Drive folder here.

And don’t forget about the ANOVA Assignment, due 5/30!


Intermediate Algebra Final Exam Review


Your final exam will be on Monday, June 11 at 1:00 in the big gym. The full final exam schedule can be found here. Our review schedule is found here. This document may be updated as needs change!

Review Notes and Assignments

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/24

Your final exam will be on Monday, June 11 at 1:00 in the big gym. There will be several exams being given on that same day in that same place, so make sure you go to the right spot.

Naturally, we will be spending the remainder of our time in class reviewing for this exam. A rough schedule can be found here, though keep in mind that this schedule may change as needs arise!

Each day we will have a homework assignment, due the next day. I’ll post answers to these assignments as we move through review, so make sure you stay current on these assignments. DO NOT USE AN ABSENCE FROM CLASS AS AN EXCUSE TO NOT DO THE REVIEW HOMEWORK. There are only 11 days left. Use them to your advantage.

Your first review assignment is Review HW 1 – Solving Equations. This includes absolute value equations, radical equations with fractional exponents, and exponential equations. Notes and examples can be found in the notes document here.

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/23

We had our Unit 9 test in class today. For your homework tonight, spend some time tidying up your binder. You can toss any warmups/openers you’ve been saving. You can also set aside old homework assignments, but do not throw them away! Keep them and review them for additional practice as we go through our review.

Things that you should keep in your binder include:

  • Any notes sheet
  • Review sheets
  • Tests
  • Any formula sheets or supplemental things that your math AIS teacher may have given to you.

We will only have eleven days to review for this test. It’s go time.

AP Statistics Assignment due 5/30

We finished the lesson on ANalysis Of VAriance (ANOVA) today, and you have a short assignment to complete based on it.  Please note that you really don’t need to do most calculations by hand; you can do them on the calculator.  The assignment will count towards your marking period grade.

  • ANOVA Powerpoint – the slides I used in class (the link to the site with the practice tables is here)
  • ANOVA Homework – Due on Wednesday, 5/30
  • F-table – for running the Scheffe Test.  Note that if you need a df that is not on the table explicitly, you should use the next lowest value (e.g., there is no 35, so use 30).

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/22

Your test is tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd! Remember that there will be a calculator portion and a no-calculator portion to this test.

Your last review assignment can be found here: HW 9.20 – Test Review 3. The answers to all three review assignments can be found here: Unit 9 Test Review Answers.

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/21

Remember: your test on Unit 9 is on Wednesday. Be here!

The homework tonight is HW 9.19 – Test Review 2

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/18

We’re starting to review for our final unit test, which will be on Wednesday, May 23rd. This weekend, work on HW 9.18 – Test Review 1

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/17, plus Test Warning

We did some more work with Linear vs Exponential models today, and the homework is more of the same. We’ll start reviewing the unit as a whole tomorrow, with our planned Unit 9 test on Tuesday, May 22nd

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AP Statistics Assignment for 5/17

You took your AP exam. It’s time to chill for a bit, but not for too long! Review the Post-AP calendar in the Final Project folder for what we’ll be doing and when. I know that a lot of you are going to be absent soon for trips, so make sure that you work that out with your group if it’s during a group project, and make sure you follow up with someone to get the missed notes if it’s while we’re talking about ANOVA!

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/16

Today’s assignment is about deciding whether a linear or exponential model is most appropriate for a set of data. The short version is make a scatterplot and examine the picture. If it looks straight, use a linear model. If it looks curved, use an exponential one.

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Final Thoughts about the AP Exam

Your AP Statistics Test is Thursday afternoon. Be outside the new gym by 11:50 with your calculator and pencils (non-mechanical, remember!). Do not bring your backpack, bag, or your cell phone (or any other “smart” device like watches); find somewhere to put them. You may bring a snack or water, but it must be in clear packaging and you may not have it at your desk with you. Do not expect to leave until at least 4:00!

To all 5th period students: you are welcome to join me during Ms. Seifert’s 2nd period AP Stats class (H213), or during my 3rd period AP Stats class (G102)

Things you had better remember (these are my thoughts, see pages 608-610 of your review book for some further points):

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/15

More of the same today as yesterday, only this time working with exponential regression instead of linear.

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/14

Not all linear or exponential relationships are as perfectly defined as we’ve seen. Sometimes the fit of a line or a curve is a bit more approximate, and finding the equation for these functions is a bit more tricky. Fortunately, your calculator provides you with a helpful tool in doing just this: Regression. The instructions for getting your calculator to do this are in today’s notes. They’re a little tricky (lots of button pushes), but pretty straightforward.

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/11

More with linear and exponential models today, specifically with interpreting what the parameters (slope, y-intercept, growth rate) mean in the context of the scenario they model.

The big takeaway is this: for both linear and exponential models, the y-intercept is the starting point or initial value. For a linear function, the slope is the unit rate of change – the change in whatever y measures per one unit increase of whatever x measures. For an exponential function, the value of b always represents the growth or decay rate – typically expressed as a percent. You’ll need to set b = 1 + r or b = 1 – r, then solve for r to get the percent change.

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/10

We’re in the last phase of Unit 9, which starts off by reviewing the difference between linear and exponential equations and deriving the formulas for these equations from a table of values.

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