Important AP Information


The AP Statistics exam is on Thursday, May 17, and we will start reviewing for this exam very soon. All students are expected to have their own copy of the Barron’s AP Statistics Review Book (9th Edition). This will be the primary tool we will be using to review, and you will have several review homework assignments that will come from this book. I will want you to write in this book, so please get your own copy. You will have until April 15th to do so.

If you are concerned about affording your own copy of this review book, please talk to me in class or send me an email and we will work something out.

Those of you who have taken an AP class before know that all AP students must attend an AP Pre-Administration Session. You will meet in York Lecture hall to fill out some necessary forms in the leadup to the exam. Don’t be late!. The schedule is as follows

  • Tuesday, April 10 (a day 1): Periods 0, 3, 7, and after school
  • Wednesday, April 11 (a day 2): Periods 1, 4, 5, 8
  • Thursday, April 12 (a day 3): Periods 0, 2, 6, and after school

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/20

Your Unit 7 cumulative test, covering all of Law of Sines and Law of Cosines content, will be on Thursday, March 22.

Your homework tonight is one final sheet prioritized to practicing the Law of Cosines: HW 7.11 – Law of Cosines Practice 2

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Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/19

We did some more practice with the Law of Cosines today. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be a review of both Law of Sines and Law of Cosines, in preparation for our Unit 7 test on Thursday, March 22

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Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/16

As we’ve observed in class, in order to use the Law of Sines, you must know (or be able to find easily) an opposite angle-side pair in the triangle. But what if all you have is two sides and an angle? Is there anything we can do with that? Enter the Law of Cosines, a generalization of the Pythagorean Theorem to non-right triangles.

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AP Statistics Assignment for 3/16

In class today, you will gather your sample for the Chapter 22 Investigative Task. The full set of data can be found here. After selecting your sample, write a brief paragraph explaining your method and submit it to me with the filename format “LastName.FirstName.Ch22TaskPlan”

In addition to the description of your sampling method plan, I want you to practice creating equations using the app EquatIO, a tool that can create clean, professional looking equations directly into you Google Document. There are some basic instructions and some sample equations to create here: Inserting Equations into Google Documents. Add these formulas to your Task Plan document above. This assignment will count as a homework grade! Submit it by the end of the day.

Update on this (for 3rd period students): Given that EquatIO seems to be having some issues loading on your Chromebooks, you do not need to include these equations in your document due by the end of the day. You must submit your sampling method, however.

You have the weekend to complete your task response. I expect to see formulas created using EquatIO. Submit your response by the start of class on Monday with the filename format “LastName.FirstName.Ch22InvTask”

AP Statistics Assignment for 3/15

Finish reading the rest of chapter 22 (pages 586-597), then do exercises 3, 31, 33, 43, 45

Your next Investigative Task will be assigned as homework over the weekend and will be submitted electronically. Please read the setup for the assignment here: Chapter 22 Investigative Task – SAT Performance (Part 1). You’ll get the data to draw your sample in class tomorrow.

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/14

Our mid-unit quiz on the Law of Sines and Sine Formula for Area is tomorrow. You got the Quiz Review in class today and should finish that for homework. Answers can be found here.

Work on some IXL practice, as well, especially the ones that were assigned for homework! You’ll have until tomorrow to boost your grade on those, at which point your grade will be locked in.

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Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/12

On Friday, we introduced the “Ambiguous Case” of the Law of Sines. Today, we spent some time working on how exactly one handles that situation.

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Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/9

We’re (finally!) moving on to the next topic in the unit: an issue of ambiguity that arises when trying to use the Law of Sines to find a missing angle measure.

We did an activity in class, so if you missed it you should watch the following short videos to see what it involved (they’re taken from another class that did the same activity): Setup, Partial Solution, Full Solution, Alternate Full Solution

The homework is HW 7.4 – Introducing the Ambiguous Case of Law of Sines.

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Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/8

Due to today’s field trip, today was another review day. Please work on IXL modules Y.17 and Y.21, linked below. Get Y.17 up a score of 80 and get Y.21 up to a score of 70.

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