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InCA Assignment for 3/6

Our time tracking the zombie virus has ended. Fortunately, this was all an active drill! There was no asteroid and no danger of zombie infection. What a relief!

Tomorrow, you will have the chance to debrief with others who shared the same role as you in your LIVE groups and complete one final assessment drill of this process, which will be recorded as a quiz grade.

Part of your grade will also be your evaluation from other members of your group. Complete the Peer Evaluation rubric for the two group members you were assigned and turn them in tomorrow. The middle column shows the qualities each member should have demonstrated during this activity, and the right and left columns are where you can make any notes about areas of improvement or excellence you feel are worth mentioning. These evaluations will go straight to me, so feel free to be honest!

InCA Assignment for 3/4

LIVE_logoThe asteroid impact is imminent, and you’ve been assigned your roles. Tonight, make sure you read your assignments carefully so that you know exactly what you are responsible for in your work tomorrow. The list of documents are below.

In the calm before this storm, you’ve been given an additional assignment (HW 5.Z). This will be checked tomorrow. Solutions can be found here and a homework video can be found here.

Role Responsibility Documents

InCA Assignment for 3/3

LIVE_logoThe asteroid collision with the Earth is imminent, and the current projections show it will enter our atmosphere on Thursday.

We made more progress with the LIVE Trial Run document in class. Your homework is to finish it.


Your Mission

  • Complete the work building the new models for the second mutation in Question 9 of the LIVE Trial Run Document (remember that you will be referring to the models of the first mutation to calculate the numbers of zombies and healthy humans!)
  • Draw these new graphs on your Heuristic Outlook for Population Eradication (HOPE) Display (as before, refer to the Desmos version of the HOPE display here).
  • Complete questions 10, 11, 12 from the Trial Run Document. These will check for your understanding of the work we’ve done these last few days.

InCA Assignment for 3/2

LIVE_logoOur work to understand how to track the progression of the zombie virus continues. By now, you should have drawn a graph of the initial Zombie and Human models on your Heuristic Outlook for Population Eradication (HOPE) Display (refer to the Desmos version of the HOPE display here).

We observed in class today that viruses do not stay unchanged forever. They evolve and change, and these changes require us to revise our models. We started work on creating these new models today (Question 5 of the  LIVE Trial Run document), and students should finish that work (Questions 6 and 7) tonight.

InCA Assignment for 2/28

Students, you have been appointed as members of LIVE – the League of International Viral Experts. You will be responsible for leading the fight against the zombie virus as it wreaks its havoc.

We have started a trial run of the work you’ll be doing in your groups next week. You have been granted access to the LIVE Trial Run document as well as the Heuristic Outlook for Population Eradication (HOPE) Display. One of your primary objectives in your own work will be to complete this display for the virus’s initial spread through the yet-to-be-identified target country and to update it as the virus mutates. You will find this Desmos calculator graph helpful in beginning this task!

Your homework: Use the table of the Desmos graph (click the dropdown for the “Starting Models” folder) and recreate the graph on your copy of the HOPE display. Use a scale of 0-500 days (5 days per block) on the horizontal axis and 0-320 Million (6.6 million per block) on the vertical axis.

InCA Assignment for 2/27

Breaking News Image

We’ve received breaking news! An asteroid carrying a deadly zombie virus is headed towards Earth! We don’t know where it will land, but we know that the virus it carries will have devastating effects on the population of whatever country whose borders it lands in. Government agencies are already working on securing national borders worldwide, but our first step must be to research the demographics of the nations of the world that astronomical simulations have suggested may be the landing site of the asteroid.

Analysts, your job is to use online resources to complete this research. Use the United Nations’ Demographic Risk Assessment Form to record your findings. You may find the following websites useful:

All Students: Please also watch this Khan Academy video for a review of the percent change method we will be using to model the spread of this virus.