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What’s Going On in This Graph? (January 8th)

Visit this page on the New York Times and look at the graph showing the reading level and time (in minutes) required to read internet privacy policies for 150 popular websites and apps plus a few books. The graph was taken from elsewhere on the New York Times’s website.

As you look at the graph, consider the following three questions

  • What do you notice? If you make a claim, tell us what you noticed that supports your claim.

  • What do you wonder? What are you curious about that comes from what you notice in the graph?

  • What’s going on in this graph? Write a catchy headline that captures the graph’s main idea.

Write your thoughts as a comment on the New York Times’s page. Respond to others’ comments if you wish. Visit again on Wednesday for a moderated discussion by representatives from the American Statistical Association, who will reply to as many comments as they can.

By Friday, the NYT will link to the article the graph is from and provide additional information and context. Check how your headline compared!

InCA Assignment for 12/9

Each week, starting today, we will be participating in the New York Times’s What’s Going On in This Graph activity. Click the link to see today’s graph, and go to Desmos to enter some of your thoughts.

We did some more work with the quadratic formula today, specifically with simplifying the radical expressions we sometimes get when we apply it.

Today’s Links

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