Intermediate Algebra Assignment for rest of week

In class, you are to finish your poster, showing clear and neat lines, triangles, and calculations for the angles and lengths of each segment of each triangle.

Your poster will be graded on neatness, presentation/color, and accuracy and organization of your calculations based on the rubric found here. Send the video you recorded to me at Include the names of all members of your group in the email.

Did you forget to take a video? Instead, created a Google Document and write a reflection that includes a discussion of what each person did for each phase of the project and what you learned from each portion. Make sure everybody’s names are included, and email that to me instead.


Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 2/13

Everybody should complete the Right Triangle Trig Review sheet, posted yesterday, for tomorrow. The rest of your assignment depends on whether you participated in today’s field trip. If you did, you’ll be spending the next three days working on your poster. If you didn’t, you’ll be working on the assignments and worksheets I emailed you.

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 2/12

Tomorrow is our field trip! Please meet at the bus lane (by activities) by 9:15 so that we can leave promptly. Bring your lunch if you weren’t ordering your lunch from the cafeteria (no peanuts or sesame seeds, remember!). You should also bring a pencil and your calculator, plus any medications you need to bring with you.

If you are not attending the field trip, check your email for instructions on what you should be doing.

For everybody, complete the Right Triangle Trig Review for Thursday.

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 2/9

Those of you who have been working in class should be reflecting on the various phases of the project using the Project Reflection form.

Those of you who have not been in class should watch the following eMathInstruction videos and take appropriate notes. Note sheets can be found on this page (and yes, some of these notes pages may look familiar).

After watching these videos, you have a choice:

  1. Complete the corresponding homework assignment sheets that correspond to these lessons from Kirk Weiler’s eMathInstruction website (Lessons 4 and 5), or
  2. Complete the following IXL modules up to a score of at least 80

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 2/8

We have started our next unit with a project. You have been tasked with examining a miniature golf hole and finding a path that would lead to a hole-in-one. Eventually, you’ll be making some observations about and taking some measurements of the right triangles you can draw using this path. This is essentially a practice version of the project we will do in Syracuse next Tuesday.

If you were not in class today, you should be able to catch up tomorrow. If you’re not in class either day, look for an email with instructions.