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AP Statistics Assignment for week of 4/6

Update (4/8): ICSD has mostly finalized their plans for Distance Learning 2.0, and teachers are reviewing these guidelines and providing final feedback. You should start receiving some information about these plans very soon, if you haven’t already. Please check your email often for that information!

One of the changes for us is that our regular online sessions will be moving to Thursdays at 10:00 am. I have made a short form to explore your preferences about using Zoom vs. Google Meet; please complete it here.

As we prepare for ICSD’s Distance Learning 2.0, and our attempt to finish the remaining content necessary for our AP exam on May 22, I want to use this week to review Sampling Distributions. Your assignment is as follows:

This Week’s Assignment (my encouraged due date for all Required tasks is by 2:00 pm on Friday, April 10, however I am very flexible with this timing!)

  • Required: Sign up for a Stats Medic account by clicking this link (LINK REMOVED, CONTACT ME FOR REGISTRATION LINK). This will be a primary source of new learning and review for us going forward.
    • You do not need to download/print the notes that are listed, but taking notes while watching the videos would be a good idea.
  • Required: Watch Videos 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 in Unit 5: Sampling Distributions from Stats Medic and leave an answer to at least one discussion prompt on any video
  • Optional: Watch this video (made by me) for a deeper dive into exactly what a sampling distribution is, and how it differs from a sampling distribution model. In the video, I use the simulation applications found here.
  • Optional (strongly recommended): Complete 2010 Free Response Question #2 and score it using the video
    • This question is from the actual AP exam in 2010, and is similar to what you could expect to see on our exam this year. I very strongly recommend you write an answer as thoroughly as you would if it appeared on the actual exam, then score yourself using the rubric video. You can expect that your AP exam questions will be scored in a similar way.
    • If you do work on it, spend no more than 15 minutes completing it. Time yourself!
  • Required: Complete the Unit 5 Practice Multiple Choice in Stats Medic
  • Required (unlocked on Wednesday): Complete the Unit 5 Practice Free Response Question in Stats Medic
    • You can write out your answers on a separate piece of paper, take a picture of it, and email to me.
    • Or, you can type out your response in a Google document and share it with me when you’re done.
  • Optional: Log into IXL (instructions can be found here) and complete the following practice modules to a score of 80+ (click these links after logging in, or search for the three-character code in the search bar at the top)

Wednesday Zoom Meeting

On Wednesday, 4/8 at 11:00 am, I will host another virtual get-together, again using Zoom (click here for the Chrome app if you’re using your Chromebooks, otherwise I recommend the downloaded version). I’ll post the link to join here and send it out by email when that goes live. Come by and say hello, ask some questions, or just chat. I look forward to seeing you!

Planned agenda:

  • Welcome/check in
  • Designing Experiments AP Classroom Quiz Questions
  • Collaborative work on Unit 5 Practice Free Response Question + Scoring

Ongoing additional work

  • PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS: Find past assignments by clicking the AP Statistics Assignment link above. I’m not checking in on these assignments as often any more, so if you do complete them now and you want me to take a look, send me an email and let me know.
  • AP VIDEO STREAMS: I highly recommend you watch the Statistics AP Live! videos run on YouTube every day from 2:00 to 2:45 pm (see this page for the full schedule for all courses). This week’s topics: Confidence Intervals and Significance Tests for Proportions and Means
  • OTHER STATS MEDIC UNITS: I encourage you to review Units 1-4 in Stats Medic as well. I do not currently have plans to assign any content from these units, but there is very useful review to be found there, and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about that content. Just send me an email!
  • ONLINE MATH PRACTICE: All AP Statistics students have been granted access to IXL, an online math practice tool. There are skill practice modules for math content all the way from Kindergarten through Calculus, and there’s even some decent AP Statistics content. You will have to log in via Clever (instructions are here), click the IXL button on the page that loads, and then navigate to the Pre Calculus section. Any of the modules in sections X: Probability, Y: Probability Distributions, or Z: Statistics would be worthwhile practice for you!
  • EXAM UPDATES: Keep an eye on CollegeBoard’s Coronavirus page for AP courses for more information about how our (and all) exam will look. The majority of you stated you plan to take whatever test CollegeBoard puts together, and the rest said you’d wait and see what they come up with for their plan.

AP Statistics Assignment for 2/12

Finish reading chapter 17, pages 453-464

From the exercises on pages 468-470, do 29, 35, 36, and 39.

If you would like to explore the simulation apps I used in class, you can find them here and here. Note that the second link requires a browser that works with Java, which Chrome does not support. Try Internet Explorer or Safari. You can also check out this simulator app, which has a variety of built-in populations of data for you to explore!