Algebra 1 Assignment for 5/12

We did some more practice with function transformations in class today. At the start of class on Monday, we will have a short mini-quiz on these transformations. You’ll have 3-4 attempts on this quiz, and your highest grade will be the one saved.

This weekend, practice some more with transformations using IXL modules P.2 and P.4, both from the Algebra 2 tab (linked below)

IXL Review Modules for Unit 11 (modules relevant to today’s lesson are in bold)

Algebra 1 Assignment for 12/9

I’ve decided to push your quiz to Monday to give you a little more time to prepare. Complete the Quiz Review for a homework credit if you haven’t yet (refer to the solutions here) and take this extra time to catch up on old homework assignments that are not yet complete. As before, I also recommend you work on some IXL modules. I’ve highlighted the ones below that would be useful for you to work on this weekend. They are not required, but strongly recommended.

Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your skills. Post questions here if you have them.

Cumulative IXL Review Modules

Algebra 1 Assignment for 12/8

We will have a quiz tomorrow on what we’ve done in Unit 4 so far, including sequences, proportions, unit conversions, and graphing/finding equations of linear functions. Complete the Quiz Review for a homework credit (refer to the solutions here).

In class, we took the day to catch up on missing work and to do some practice on IXL. I’ve bolded the relevant modules below.

Cumulative IXL Review Modules

Algebra 1 Assignment for 11/14

Watch the PlayPosit video for Unit 3, Lesson 6 – Average Rate of Change and take the corresponding notes on page 143. Also note: On Tuesday, we will be taking a quiz identifying key features of the temperature graphs you’ve been working with. You’ll be permitted use of your notes, but please bring your Chromebooks also!

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (new additions are in bold, modules assigned for homework are in italics)

Algebra 1 Assignment for 10/7

Today in class we started working with IXL, a skill practice website. We will use this tool many times through the year, but I would encourage you to use it on your own as well. Your login information is simple: just your first initial, followed by your last name, followed by @ithaca (for example, mine would be bkirk@ithaca), and your password is “abc123”

Your homework for the weekend is to finish any module you didn’t finish in class up to a Smart Score of at least an 80.  The modules are:

Work on these over the weekend, and I’ll check your scores and check off the assignment on Tuesday.

Update on Monday, October 10: You will have a mini-quiz in class on Tuesday about checking solutions and equivalent expressions. Bring your calculators to school tomorrow!

Algebra 1 Assignment for 12/7

In class, you worked on some IXL modules to prepare for Tuesday’s quiz.  You should continue work on them (links below), but the assignment that will be collected and checked tomorrow is the Lesson 1 through 5 Quiz Review.

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (new additions are in bold, modules assigned for homework are italicized)