Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 4/11

Tomorrow, we are having a quiz on the probability/counting content we’ve been doing in this unit so far. Tonight, you should work on the quiz review (answers can be found here).

IXL Modules



Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 3/14

Our mid-unit quiz on the Law of Sines and Sine Formula for Area is tomorrow. You got the Quiz Review in class today and should finish that for homework. Answers can be found here.

Work on some IXL practice, as well, especially the ones that were assigned for homework! You’ll have until tomorrow to boost your grade on those, at which point your grade will be locked in.

IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 2/27

We are going to have a Mastery Quiz tomorrow (recall that this is the type of quiz where you take multiple versions of very short quizzes, correcting them as you go, until you get a perfect paper on the first try). In preparation, please complete HW 6.3 – More Problem Solving with Trigonometry

The answers to this homework can be found here.

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (newly added modules are in bold)

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 2/5

Your quiz on Unit 5 is tomorrow! You got the Unit 5 Review in class today, and you should definitely finish that tonight if you didn’t in class (check your answers here). The other suggestion I would have is to work some more on the IXL modules listed below. You should of course finish the modules that were assigned to you on Friday if you haven’t done that yet!

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (modules assigned for homework are italicized)


Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 1/4

Your first quiz of Unit 4 will be tomorrow (or, if school is canceled, on Monday). You should review the study notes we did in class and complete HW 4.7 – Quiz Review 2 (you can find my solutions here).

And don’t forget to work on some IXL practice!

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (newly added modules are in bold)


Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 1/3

We have commenced review for our quiz on Friday, and your homework tonight is HW 4.6 – Quiz Review 1. You’ll have plenty of time tomorrow to ask questions and get some extra practice in. But don’t forget that the IXL modules below would be a great place to start!

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (newly added modules are in bold)

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 11/28

We will have our first quiz on Unit 3 tomorrow, all about graphing and identifying key features of parabolas. Finish HW 3.7 – Parabolas Quiz Review for a homework credit (you can find the answers to it here).

I’d also recommend that you continue to work on the IXL modules below. Many of you still haven’t gotten them up to the expected scores!

Cumulative IXL Review Modules

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 11/3

Your second quiz of the unit is on Monday. It will be cumulative for the full unit so far, so expect to see complex fractions and operations with rational expressions.

Your final review is HW 2.14 – Quiz 2 Review (Day 2). You can find the answers here. This will be collected on Monday, as usual.

Work on that, review your notes, and work on some IXL modules for some additional practice!

Cumulative IXL Review Modules (newly added modules to this list are in bold)