Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 4/10

Your test on Unit 8 is tomorrow. You were given two review sheets in class today. Only the first three pages, marked “HW 8.14 – Test Review 1” is due tomorrow. However, if you complete the entire review, that will be worth a bonus HW credit. Review the lesson videos posted below, or work on some IXL practice modules if you’re looking for some additional practice.

Today’s links

Cumulative IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 4/2

Our first quiz of Unit 8 will be tomorrow, Wednesday April 3rd. You got a review packet in class today, the answers to which you can find here. For some extra review, take a look at the notes sheets or videos posted on prior days or work on the IXL modules listed below.

Cumulative IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 3/21

Your Unit 7 test is tomorrow. Take some time to review!