End of Year Information/Final Post!


There is a lot of information to cover in this post, so please read on!

Thank you for your time and attention this year. I hope you’ve had a good year, and I hope that you’ve found your time in my class to be valuable. We’ve had a long year, though at the same time it really seemed to fly by!

As you know Monday will be the first annual Student Conference/Field Day. There is a lot to know about this day, but what you specifically need to know depends on what else is going on for you on Monday. This information is addressed in a separate post.

For all students

Please complete the course evaluation form found here. These evaluations are crucial for me to improve the course content and structure to better serve my students, as well as to improve myself as a teacher. I read every response carefully. I am not collecting names or email addresses (unless you *want* to include your name!) so please be honest!

For AP Statistics students

  • Submit your written report and your presentation to me (and Ms. Seifert if you are in 1st period) using the filenames “LastName.LastName.LastName.Final Project Report” and “.Final Project Presentation”
  • Make sure that your data sheets are linked in the appendix of your written report and the sharing settings are properly set so that I can view them!
  • By June 21st, please complete the peer evaluation form here. Submit a response for each member of your group, including yourself! Failure to complete this evaluation will impact your final project grade!

For Intermediate Algebra students

Your final exam will be on Monday, June 17 at 9:00 in the big gym. I’ve uploaded some final thoughts and hints about the exam here. Please take some time to look it over! Report to the big gym on Monday by 8:45 so that we can start the exam promptly at 9:00!

Review Notes and Assignments

Cumulative IXL Review Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 6/13

Our final day of formal review! Today’s homework is a mixture of review questions from the entire review period. Spend some time with this! You might recognize some of these types of questions on the exam!

Today’s Files

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 6/12

Our last day of unit-specific review is a revisit of our last unit: on exponential and linear models, regression, and compound interest problems.

Today’s Links

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 6/11

We have only three days of review left. Today was on probability, our second-to-last unit. Tomorrow will be exponential/linear models and compound interest. Thursday will be a mixed review assignment, and Friday will your last chance for questions and notes.

Today’s Links

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 6/10

We are almost done with our topical review, but today I wanted to pause and reflect on what we’ve done so far, and spend a little time building up some of those skills. On the Algebra 2 section of IXL, I have starred several modules relevant to what we have reviewed up to this point. Your homework is to pick two of these modules and get their scores up to 80 or better OR spend a minimum of 45 minutes working.

We’ll move on to the last two units from the course – Probability and Linear/Exponential Models – on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 6/7

Yesterday we did an activity to review the basics of right triangle trigonometry. Today we reviewed non-right triangle trigonometry. This includes the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines, as well as the sine-based formula for area. Don’t forget about the ambiguous case of the Law of Sines, which arises when you’re given two sides and an adjacent angle (the dreaded SSA arrangement)!

There are not separate notes and homework assignments for this lesson, so I’m uploading both the homework and the answers. We started this work in class, and your homework is to finish it.

Today’s Files

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 6/6

We did an activity in class today to review the basic principles of right triangle trigonometry. Tomorrow we will dive into non-right triangle trig

Today’s Files

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 6/5

We did some review with Quadratics today. This includes identifying key features of parabolas and solving quadratic equations using factoring, square roots, or the quadratic formula.

Today’s Files

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/31, plus Quiz Warning

We played a game of survivor today to review simplifying radical expressions and evaluating logarithms. As a result, there are no formal notes to review from today. Instead, I’ve linked some of the materials from earlier in the year.

Also note: We will have a review quiz on Tuesday, June 4.

Today’s Files

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/29

Today’s theme is polynomials: multiplying, adding, subtracting, and dividing them (simplifying rational expressions).

Today’s Files

Relevant IXL Modules

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/28

Your final exam will be on Monday, June 17 at 9:00 in the big gym. There will be several exams being given on that same day in that same place, so make sure you go to the right spot.

Naturally, we will be spending the remainder of our time in class reviewing for this exam. A rough schedule can be found here, though keep in mind that this schedule may change as needs arise!

Each day we will have a homework assignment, due the next day. I’ll post answers to these assignments as we move through review, so make sure you stay current on these assignments. DO NOT USE AN ABSENCE FROM CLASS AS AN EXCUSE TO NOT DO THE REVIEW HOMEWORK. There are only 14 days left. Use them to your advantage.

Your first review assignment is Review HW 1 – Solving Equations. This includes absolute value equations, radical equations with fractional exponents, and exponential equations. Notes and examples can be found in the notes document here.

Helpful Review Videos

Relevant IXL Modules


Intermediate Algebra Final Exam Review

Your final exam will be on Monday, June 17 at 9:00, in the big gym. You should be there by 8:45 at the latest. The full final exam schedule can be found here.

Review Notes and Assignments

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 5/24

We had our Unit 9 test in class today. For your homework tonight, spend some time tidying up your binder. You can toss any warmups/openers you’ve been saving. You can also set aside old homework assignments, but do not throw them away! Keep them and review them for additional practice as we go through our review.

Things that you should keep in your binder include:

  • Any notes sheet
  • Review sheets
  • Tests
  • Any formula sheets or supplemental things that your math AIS teacher may have given to you.

When we get back from the weekend, we’ll have only three weeks for review. It’s go time.