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AP Statistics Assignment for 9/30

We had our first unit test in class today, and there was a small extra credit puzzle available after you turned it in. That is your only homework for today, and it should be turned in tomorrow (Tuesday).

Also, be aware: typically we will have a group redo test the very next day after a unit test, but due to a workshop this week that I am attending, I’ve moved the redo test to Wednesday the 2nd.

InCA Assignment for 9/26

We had our second unit quiz today, and afterwards you got a puzzle sheet similar to the one you got after the first quiz. It has two pages, and as before you are expected to do one page, your choice which, for a homework credit tomorrow. If you do both pages, you will earn some extra credit on the quiz you just took.

You must show your work for extra credit! No fair just looking up the puzzle and finding the answer online.