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AP Statistics Assignment for 1/31, plus Test Warning

The applet for today’s activity can be found here. Using this simulator, find:

  • Two very different values of p and n that create a distribution that you would confidently identify as “normal”
  • Two very different values of p and n that create a distribution that you would confidently identify as “not normal”
  • At least one value of p and n that creates a distribution that might be normal, but you’re on the fence about.

Report your findings here

For homework, please finish reading Chapter 16, pages 423-429, then work on exercises 29, 31, 33 from page 432.

The third Personal Progress Check for Unit 4 has been assigned. Log into AP Classroom and complete the Unit 4 MCQ Part C PPC by the start of class on Tuesday, February 4.

Out Unit 4 Test has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 6. We’ll wrap up Chapter 16 in class on Monday, then review the unit as a whole on Tuesday and Wednesday. Refer to yesterday’s post for the review assignment.

InCA Assignment for 11/19

We continued our re-introduction to Parabolas and Quadratic Equations today by playing a game similar to the classic game Guess Who, where you had to ask a series of questions to guess which of 25 parabolas your randomly matched partner selected. This taught us the value of having clearly defined vocabulary to describe the key features of such shapes, as several questions that you asked each other led to confusion!

For tonight’s homework, please complete the Parabola Polygraph Debrief reflection. You will also need to bring in your Chromebook once more tomorrow for the third and final introductory activity to this unit.

InCA Assignment for 11/18

Today in class, we did a (hopefully fun!) activity introducing our next unit on Parabolas and Quadratic Equations. Your homework tonight is to reflect on two questions:

  1. Describe one thing that you learned from the Will It Hit the Hoop Desmos activity from class.
  2. What else do you think you could use a parabola to model the shape/path of?

Write your reflection on a piece of paper or record them in Socrative (room code G102KIRK)

Bring your Chromebook in tomorrow again for Part 2 of this introduction!