Last Day of School (Final Thoughts)


Thank you for your time and attention this year. I hope you’ve had a good year, and I hope that you’ve found your time in my class to be valuable. We’ve had a long year, though at the same time it really seemed to fly by!

For all students

Please complete the course evaluation form found here. These evaluations are crucial for me to improve the course content and structure to better serve my students, as well as to improve myself as a teacher. I read every response carefully. I am not collecting names or email addresses (unless you *want* to include your name!) so please be honest!

For AP Statistics students

  • Submit your written report and your presentation to me using the filenames “LastName.LastName.LastName.Final Project Report” and “.Final Project Presentation”
  • Make sure that your data sheets are linked in the appendix of your written report and the sharing settings are properly set so that I can view them!
  • By June 15th, please complete the peer evaluation form here. Submit a response for each member of your group, including yourself!

For Intermediate Algebra students

Your final exam will be on Monday, June 11 at 1:00 in the big gym. I’ve uploaded some final thoughts and hints about the exam here. Please take some time to look it over! Report to the big gym on Monday by 12:45 so that you can start the exam promptly at 1:00!

Review Notes and Assignments

Cumulative IXL Review Modules



Fractals & Chaos Final Assignment

Please complete this evaluation for the course and for my teaching. Include your name at the end if you wish, or leave it anonymous if you prefer.

The video that I mentioned in class, about the derivation of an explicit formula for terms of the Fibonacci Sequence, can be found here.