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AP Statistics Assignment for 10/1

We are doing a multi-part mini-project in class today as a means of introducing/reviewing scatterplots and correlation. The full instructions can be found here. Period 1 students should enter data here, and period 7 students should enter data here.

Any part of this assignment that you didn’t finish in class should be done in class tomorrow. In addition, please read pages 150-154 (up to the section on causation) and then do exercises 1, 3, 6, 8 from pages 167-168

inca: perimeter word problem LINK

The instructions to the Global Perimeter Project that we’re doing in class today can be found here.

Anybody who did not finish this task in class should do so tonight for homework, in addition to HW 1.12 – Perimeter Word Problems. If you were not in class, we encourage you to complete the perimeter project task, but at minimum you should do the perimeter word problem homework.