Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 11/19

We continued our re-introduction to Parabolas and Quadratic Equations today by playing a game similar to the classic game Guess Who, where you had to ask a series of questions to guess which of 25 parabolas your randomly matched partner selected. This taught us the value of having clearly defined vocabulary to describe the key features of such shapes, as several questions that you asked each other led to confusion!

For tonight’s homework, please complete the Parabola Polygraph Debrief assignment. You will also need to bring in your Chromebook once more tomorrow for the third and final introductory activity to this unit.

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 11/14

We had our Unit 2 test today, and at the end you were given this extra puzzle sheet. You must complete one side (your choice which!) for a homework credit. If you complete both sides (and you must show your work!), you will get extra credit on today’s test.

Also, bring your Chromebook tomorrow, charged and ready to go!