Fractals & Chaos Assignment for 9/26

By Thursday, read over the chapter Ants in Labyrinths, from Ivars Peterson’s The Mathematical Tourist. As usual, make a note of questions you have and passages you think are significant.


Fractals & Chaos Assignment for 9/14

Please read over the ScienceNews article Fractal Past, Fractal Future and come in with questions and comments for discussion. You should also check out this Popular Science article about the Heartsongs album mentioned.

Fractals & Chaos Assignment for 9/8

Read over the excerpt from Edward O Wilson’s book The Diversity of Life: Living Labyrinths.  As before, make a note of 2-3 passages that seems significant or questions you have.

I referred to the Droste Effect in class, which is a common artistic technique. Check out the Wikipedia Page for more about that, or check out this article of 50 Stunning Examples of the effect in action.

And if you’d like to check out the fractal road maps animations we looked at briefly, you can find them here.