AP Statistics Assignment for 1/30

We will have our group redo of the Unit 4 test in class tomorrow. The extra credit puzzles you got today should be turned in tomorrow as well.

By Friday, please work on the Unit 4 Practice Exam, pages 439-443. Complete the odd numbered multiple choice questions, as well as free response question 2. Do this on a separate piece of paper; you’ll be trading papers and grading each others’ responses!

AP Statistics Assignment for 11/1

For tomorrow, you should complete the multiple choice questions (1-15) from the Unit 2 Practice Exam – pages 264-266.

In addition to that, you were given a novel task in class today. I am asking you, based on the draw of a card, to either actually flip a coin 200 times and record the results or to make up the results of 200 coin flips and enter them on this sheet. If you weren’t in class today (Thursday) to get your assignment, flip a coin one time first to see which version you will actually be doing: If it is heads, flip the coin 200 more times; if it is tails, make them up.

AP Statistics Assignment for 9/28

We’ll be doing a group redo of today’s test on Monday. This redo will be graded just as your test is, though will count differently within the grade calculation.

After the test today, you got an extra credit puzzle that you are welcome to complete and turn in on Monday. But by Tuesday, spend some time looking at the Practice Exam at the end of the unit. It’s on pages 147-149, and I want you to complete the 10 multiple choice questions listed. We’ll discuss them on Tuesday.