AP Statistics Assignment for 4/26

Finish the 2017 Free Response questions. We’ll grade the remaining problems we didn’t get to in class tomorrow.


Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 4/25

We started Unit 9 today, a unit that is partially review and partially new content around exponential functions. Our first lesson used M&Ms to model exponential growth and decay. If you were in class today, you should finish the lab sheet for the activity. If you were not in class today, your homework is HW 9.1 – Investigating Exponential Functions

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 4/23

Your test on Unit 8 is tomorrow. By now, you have been given two review assignments. Their answers can be found below. Work on these, plus some additional IXL review to prepare for tomorrow’s test.

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Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 4/20

The instructions for today’s activity can be found here.

Your test on Unit 8 will be on Tuesday, April 24. Your first review assignment can be found here.

Also, many of you did not complete the IXL assignment from Thursday night. For shame! Please work on that this weekend. If you are having technical issues, please let me know. Don’t use that as an excuse to blow off this assignment!

IXL Modules

AP Statistics Assignment for 4/20

From your review book, read over Topic 7 – Probability as Relative Frequency (p191) and complete the even Multiple Choice questions and Free Response questions 2 and 3 (note that this is different from what I originally said on the review calendar I gave you on Thursday; it has been updated on the Google Document found here).

As before, check your answers in you book and come prepared with questions on Monday.

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 4/19

The instructions for today’s activity can be found here.

Your test on Unit 8 will be on Tuesday, April 24th. We will spend tomorrow (Friday) and Monday reviewing for this test. Tonight for homework, choose any two of the IXL modules posted below and get your score up to at least an 80.

Remember: your IXL username is your first initial and your last name, followed by “1@ithaca” and your password is “abc123” (some of you have a slightly different username, please email me or post here if you have trouble logging in).

IXL Modules

AP Statistics Assignment for 4/19

Read the introduction of your review book (pages 1-3) for a brief rundown on the format of the exam and some pointers about how it is graded. Then flip ahead to Topic 4 (Exploring Categorical Data: Two-Way Tables, page 139). Read through the examples there and complete the Multiple Choice questions at the end of the section, plus Free Response Questions 1 and 2. Review the answers to these exercises at the end of the section, and come in tomorrow (with your book!) prepared with whatever questions you still want to ask.

AP Statistics Review Schedule

We have started to review for our AP exam. Please bring your review books in to class every day for the first week of review (see schedule).

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, May 1st – Practice AP Exam – Periods 0-3 in New Gym
  • Thursday, May 17th – Actual AP Exam – Noon to 4:00

Important Review Files

Important Project Files

Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 4/18

Today, we reaffirmed that the Expected Value is a long-term average. Meaning the results of a small handful of trials are unlikely to produce the same average as the expected value, however increasing the number of trials will produce averages more in line with what you expect.

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Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 4/17

We had a practice day today in solving expected value related questions.

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AP Statistics Assignment for 4/17

Your final Unit test will be on Thursday, April 19th. As with the Unit 6 test, you will be asked to identify when to use each inference procedure you have learned up until this point, but you will only be asked to do the procedures from Unit 7 (the three Chi-Squared tests and the regression slope t-test).

In preparation, go to the review section for Unit 7 (pages 745-749) and identify the procedure, distribution, and degrees of freedom used for each of the scenarios in questions 6, 9, 11, 14, 17, 20, 29, 31, and 32 (all parts!). Then, please complete exercises 8 (abcd only), 12, 13, and 21 (b,c only).

Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 4/16

We’ve introduced the last major topic from our unit on Statistics: the Expected Value. This quantity is a long-term per-trial average, that gives you a way of determining what a typical outcome of a handful of trials should be. This is an important tool in the field of statistics, and will be something you’ll see again in later math classes.

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Intermediate Algebra 2 Assignment for 4/13

We’re starting in on the second part of the unit today, about Probability Models. These are ways of listing/organizing all the outcomes of a random trial and their, often unequal, probabilities. This will be the basis for one of the most useful tools in statistics: the expected value.

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