Player Resources

Content Resources

These links go to excellent study guides and lists/databases of Quizbowl content.

  • NAQT You Gotta Know study guide archive – Updated monthly, great information about a specific topic within the Quizbowl canon. Use these as a model for how specific your own study guides should be.
  • Scott Blish’s study guides – local Quizbowl tournament director Scott Blish combed through dozens of published question sets from 2009-2017, copying and sorting every tossup and bonus question into categories. Great resource for stock clues!
  • Quinterest – Online searchable question database, similar in content to Scott Blish’s study guides but more easily searched and filtered.
  • QuizDB – Similar to Quinterest but with more search options, including a Stats page that shows how frequently certain answer lines come up!
  • Quizbowl packets archive – Many tournaments release their question sets online after the tournament is done. They can be found here. Great resource for housewrites, especially! For comparative difficulty, see Fred Morlan’s website for previous years or his recent forum post for this one
  • Brain Team Twitter feed – check out the Quizbowl Fact of the Day (#QBFOD) for common stock clues on randomly chosen topics. Updated daily(ish) by Mr. Kirk.

Studying Resources

These links go to helpful online tools for studying content.

  • NAQT How to Improve Guide – This is a great guide touching on a number of different techniques on how you can improve.
  • Quizlet – Tool for creating online flashcards. The system can quiz you on cards, and you can flag them for clues/answer lines you are having difficulty with. The link goes to the Brain Team class – check out the flashcard sets already posted!
  • Anki and Mnemosyne – Two other great flashcard apps that pays attention to what you do and don’t remember and adjusts card frequency to reflect that. Download this card pack for a great start on Quizbowl studying!
  • Protobowl – Online quizbowl simulator game, where clues appear one word at a time. Press SPACE to buzz in and type your answer. Fun when you have a few minutes to kill, but limited in its ability to help you study new topics!
  • QuizBug – A Quinterest feature that reads questions word by word and allows you to buzz in, copy parts of questions to note cards, and then download the notes as text files. Like Protobowl, but not competitive.

Important Forms

Some paperwork is always necessary for us to go to tournaments. Print/submit these forms as needed

  • IHS Medical Form – must be completed for every tournament (good for one month)
  • IHS Teacher Permission Form – only necessary for weekday tournaments (pretty much limited to TC3 HSC and nationals)
  • Competition Contribution Letter – boilerplate letter for contributing to tournament costs. I’ll send more specific letter for each tournament in advance of the tournament date. You are not expected to pay for every tournament, but contributing helps!