Contacting me and/or getting help

If you have a question about a particular assignment or other item posted here, please feel free to just comment.  You don’t need to log in to do so, and I get notifications of any comments posted and will usually reply pretty quickly.  If you would prefer to contact me by a different method, see below.

Reaching me by e-mail

ICSD email: (this is the best way to contact me)


Reaching me by phone

You can reach me through the IHS math office at (607) 274-2191.  You can also text me via Remind by using the app or simply replying to the text message you got when you originally signed up

Visiting me in person

All of my classes are in G-102 and I can be found there before or after school.  If you need extra help, please sign up on the “Extra Help Signups” sheet by the door of our classroom.  You can come by to see me without signing up, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be available.  During 6th period, I occasionally meet with other teachers, so I am not always available then.

  • Before school – in or around G102 by 8:15 most days
  • 1st Period – AP Statistics
  • 2nd Period – Free
  • 3rd Period – Introduction to College Algebra (InCA)
  • 4th Period – Free
  • 5th Period – Fractals and Chaos
  • 6th Period – Free/Course Meetings (see schedule in classroom)
  • 7th Period – AP Statistics
  • 8th Period – Introduction to College Algebra (InCA)
  • After school – in or around G102 until 4:30 most days

Drop-in Math HW Help

If you need help with your homework and I’m not available, you can drop in to the Math AIS room in K22 during any period of the day (except 6th). Keep in mind that teachers in that room may be assigned to work with specific students, and they’ll have to prioritize their time accordingly.

Other Options

If you feel you are need of frequent and extensive extra help, you may want to sign up for a Content Area Lab, better known as Math Lab or Math AIS. It is an official part of your schedule where attendance is taken and reports are sent back to your math teacher. See me to discuss this option. If I feel you are in need of such support, I may speak to your parents and/or counselor about assigning you to a lab for a period of time.

There is also a list of math tutors that the department office keeps up-to-date. See me or Mr. Weissburg in H215.

Assignments and Mathematical Musings from Mr. Kirk

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