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InCA Assignment for 11/21

Today we took some time to review the vocabulary we introduced yesterday. Your homework is on IXL, and is as follows:

Use your graphing calculator or to make graphs. If you exceed the minimum requirements of this assignment, your work will be recorded as extra credit.

InCA Assignment for 11/20

See yesterday’s post for the link to the debrief from the Polygraph activity

Today was Day 3 of the Desmos-based activities we’ve been using in class to re-introduce ourselves to parabolas. In class yesterday, many of you had some difficulty in properly describing parabolas or in identifying features of parabolas to ask about in order to guess which one your partner had chosen. This shows us that there is a need for a shared vocabulary when describing these entities. Today’s lesson reviewed that vocabulary.

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Cumulative IXL Modules

InCA Assignment for 11/19

We continued our re-introduction to Parabolas and Quadratic Equations today by playing a game similar to the classic game Guess Who, where you had to ask a series of questions to guess which of 25 parabolas your randomly matched partner selected. This taught us the value of having clearly defined vocabulary to describe the key features of such shapes, as several questions that you asked each other led to confusion!

For tonight’s homework, please complete the Parabola Polygraph Debrief reflection. You will also need to bring in your Chromebook once more tomorrow for the third and final introductory activity to this unit.

InCA Assignment for 11/18

Today in class, we did a (hopefully fun!) activity introducing our next unit on Parabolas and Quadratic Equations. Your homework tonight is to reflect on two questions:

  1. Describe one thing that you learned from the Will It Hit the Hoop Desmos activity from class.
  2. What else do you think you could use a parabola to model the shape/path of?

Write your reflection on a piece of paper or record them in Socrative (room code G102KIRK)

Bring your Chromebook in tomorrow again for Part 2 of this introduction!

InCA Assignment for 11/15

In class today, you were given a preview of Unit 3, which will be a review of Quadratic Functions.

Complete the table using whatever methods you have available to you. Some of it you might remember from Algebra 1 or Geometry. Some you might need to look up online. If you need to go to the HW Help Room in K22, that’s fine too. You have plenty of resources available: use them!

I’ll expect this to be completed on Monday. We’ll review your answers in class.

InCA Assignment for 11/13

Your Unit 2 Test is tomorrow. Here are some ideas on how to prepare:

Cumulative IXL Modules

InCA Assignment for 11/12

Your Unit 2 test is on Thursday, November 14. We played a review game in class today, and tomorrow will be some time to work independently on review. We will also have a Homework Quiz tomorrow.

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InCA Assignment for 11/8

We did some more review with solving rational equations today, focusing especially on dealing with equations that require us to factor denominators to find a common denominator.

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InCA Assignment for 11/7

For the last major section of the unit, we are looking at solving rational equations.

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InCA Assignment for 11/4

We did some more review for tomorrow’s quiz.

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InCA Assignment for 11/1

We did some more practice with simplifying complex fractions today with a fun activity (or I hope it was!). We will have a quiz on complex fractions and operations with rational expressions in general on Tuesday, November 5. Your homework tonight is the first quiz review sheet.

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InCA Assignment for 10/31

We did some more work with Complex Fractions today. Work on the additional practice problems tonight; your first Homework Quiz will be in class tomorrow!

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Intro to College Algebra Assignment for 10/30

We’ve moved on to the next phase of the rational expressions unit: Complex Fractions. Don’t be intimidated by their name! These are expressions that involve “nested fractions,” meaning the numerator and denominator of the expression are both fractions (or a sum/difference of fractions) themselves.

Remember the basic process for simplifying these beastly expressions:

  1. Combine fractions in the numerator (finding a lowest common denominator and so on) so you have one single rational expression
  2. Combine fractions in the denominator (LCD, etc.)
  3. Keep the top fraction, flip the bottom fraction, and change the operation to multiplication (KFC)
  4. Simplify.

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Intro to College Algebra Assignment for 10/28

Your first quiz of Unit 2, covering all of our work with Operations with Rational Expressions, is tomorrow, October 29.

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Greetings IHS Parents/Caregivers!

Hello and welcome!  As I mentioned during the open house, I use this site to communicate with students, parents, and whomever else might be interested outside of class.  On this site, you can find assignments, announcements, links to instructional videos and online review, copies of handouts I distribute in class, and the occasional mathematical musing.

Please take some time to check out this website.  If you’re looking for a course syllabus or other information, you can find it under Course Information above.  If you’re wondering about how to obtain some extra help for your student, I recommend checking the Contacting me and Getting Help link above.  For more general information about what you can find on this site, check out the welcome post from the beginning of the year.

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Thanks for stopping by!

Intro to College Algebra Assignment for 10/24

We have a formal quiz on operations with rational expressions planned for Tuesday, October 29. We did some more review in class today.

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