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I created this website several years ago to serve as my primary means of communicating with students and parents outside of class.  Here you can find any assignments and links to lesson videos that are assigned, as well as any additional exercises I feel would be useful for extra credit, announcements, or mathematics-related links or items that I come across and want to share.  Visit regularly (especially if you miss class for some reason) to stay on top of your assignments and videos.

This site is your main resource for information.  If for any reason an assignment here doesn’t match the one written on the board, assume the one posted here is correct (but please comment to point it out to me!).  If you are absent from class, I expect you to return with assignments completed.  Saying that you didn’t know what the assignment was is not going to be accepted.

The links in the bars to the right of the page go to helpful websites, important documents that you can quickly refer to, videos for additional instruction, or archives of past posts.  If you are missing an old assignment, click the link for your particular course to find it more easily.  Keep in mind that you may need to click on that assignment’s post heading to download any worksheets that may have been given out.  See the welcome post from the beginning of the year for a more complete list of this website’s resources.

About Me

I’m a NYS Master Teacher of mathematics at Ithaca High School in Ithaca, New York.  I’ve been teaching as a profession for 12 years, though I like to think that I’ve been teaching others for much longer than that.  I went to Cornell University to earn a BA in Mathematics in 2006, and was in the last cohort of math teachers to get my MAT and teaching certification through their Teacher Education program in 2007.

Throughout my teaching career, I have taught Algebra 1, Intermediate Algebra, Honors Algebra 2 (now known as Advanced Honors Algebra 2 BC), Pre-Calculus AB, Fractals & Chaos, and AP Statistics at IHS, as well as running math AIS labs.  I have previously taught at Tompkins Cortland Community College as an adjunct instructor, teaching night sections of both Math 109 (Statistical Literacy) and Math 200 (Statistics). I have also reviewed Barron’s SAT I and SAT II Math review books, was an accuracy checker for the 5th edition of Stats: Modeling the World, and revised the mathematics section of Barron’s College Level Examination Program (CLEP) review book

In addition to teaching, I have acted as the faculty adviser and coach for the IHS Brain Team, a diverse group of exceptionally talented students who participate in academic quiz competitions both locally and nationally.  Ithaca consistently finishes as the top school in local tournaments, and has seen many playoff bracket/finalist finishes in competitive tournaments downstate and in national competitions. See our team page for more information!



Assignments and Mathematical Musings from Mr. Kirk

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