InCA Final Trigonometry Project – Trig in My World

I am excited to announce our final project for Unit 6, about right and non-right triangle trigonometry! It is called [drumroll]

Trigonometry in My World

The expectations of the project are simple (full details for this project are here)

  1. Find two triangles in your world and take a picture. They can be in your room, somewhere in your home or apartment, in a nearby park, or somewhere you go frequently.
    • Neither triangle can be a right triangle or an equilateral triangle, and at most one can be isosceles
  2. Measure the side lengths of the triangle, either the real physical one or your picture.
  3. Use the Law of Cosines, find one angle measurement for the triangle
  4. Use the Law of Sines to find another angle measurement
  5. Find the third angle by using the fact that all three angles add to 180°
  6. Use the Sine Formula for Area to find the area of the triangle.

You will create a Google Slides Presentation with two slides, one for each triangle. On each slide, upload your picture of the triangle and either type your math work or upload clear photos of handwritten mathematical work.

Your Google Slides are due on Monday, June 8. I’ll be using this rubric to grade this project.

Questions? Please email me to ask and/or sign up for or drop in during an Office Hours session!

Questions? Comments?

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