AP Statistics Assignment for Week of 5/19

UPDATE (5/21): I’ve uploaded a video of the final class conversation before the exam. I address some misconceptions about the test and answer student questions. Find it in the video archive here (password is our room number at IHS)

This Week’s Assignment

Study for your AP Exam on the 22nd! Read over CollegeBoard’s AP Statistics Test Guide and/or my version here.

Some resources:

What you need on Test Day

Practice Exams

Topical Review

  • IDENTIFY THE TEST: One thing I have noticed some students having difficulty with is identifying which test to use for a particular scenario. You can practice with this online game. Select the tests you want included in the mix and then click Submit, and you’ll be given a number of scenarios that you’ll be asked to identify the proper procedure before.
    • You should uncheck all three Chi-Square tests, the 1-Way ANOVA test, and the “Prediction Interval for a Single Value of y for a Fixed x”
  • OTHER STATS MEDIC UNITSI encourage you to review Units 1-4 in Stats Medic I do not currently have plans to assign any content from these units, but there is very useful review to be found there, and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about that content. Just send me an email or sign up for an office hours session.
  • AP VIDEO STREAMS: The CollegeBoard YouTube page has a number of single-topic review videos in addition to the timed AP tests.
  • ONLINE MATH PRACTICEAll AP Statistics students have been granted access to IXL, an online math practice tool. There are skill practice modules for math content all the way from Kindergarten through Calculus, and there’s even some decent AP Statistics content. You will have to log in via Clever (instructions are here), click the IXL button on the page that loads, and then navigate to the Pre Calculus section. Any of the modules in sections X: Probability, Y: Probability Distributions, or Z: Statistics would be worthwhile practice for you!

Virtual Class Time and Office Hours

I’ll be running two virtual class sessions this week, both on Google Meet

  • Tuesday, 5/19 at 1:00 to 2:00pm
  • Thursday, 5/21 at 10:00 to 11:00am

In additional, I have several Office Hour sessions planned. Please sign up or drop in.

After the Exam

We will be doing two things.

  1. I want us to go back to t-tests (chapters 22-24 of your textbook) and review some of the smaller details that Stats Medic left off. After this redo, I want you to resubmit your ACT Investigative Task
  2. We skipped Chi-Squared tests, which some of you may already have some familiarity with from AP Biology. It’s an important topic, worth looking at.

Questions? Comments?

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