InCA Lesson 6.4 – Law of Sines Part 2 – Ambiguous Case

As you are aware by now, schools have been shut down for the remainder of the school year. This means that we will be continuing with this distance learning model until June. I don’t currently know exactly when the last date of instruction will be, but will be sure to let you know as soon as I find out.

I am shifting our schedule slightly for the remainder of the academic year. The first part of our lesson will be posted on Tuesday, with the video and Problem Set 1 due on Friday. The Desmos assignment and Problem Set 2 will be due the following Tuesday. Full details of the new schedule are here.

Click here for a simplified version of the InCA Assignment Schedule

Monday Update

Last week’s Problem Set 2 and Desmos assignment were due today. You can view a video of the solutions to Problem Set 2 here.

Tuesday Update

You have two videos to watch this week. Please watch both.

You should watch both videos, but if you can only watch one, prioritize the first video featuring Miss Alexander

PROBLEM SET 1 is posted here (with answers here). Print or copy your work into your notebook, then send me a picture.

Completion of the video/notes in edPuzzle and submission of Problem Set 1 are worth 4 points each in SchoolTool. They are due by 2:00 on Friday, 5/8. Send a picture or scan of your completed work (I recommend the app TurboScan) to

From 1:00 to 2:00 today, I will host a virtual classroom session on Zoom. Students who attend this session are excused from watching the lesson videos above, as I will be covering that content in our classroom session. I still strongly encourage you to watch the videos however.

Wednesday Update

There will be no new assignments posted today. Sign up for an Office Hours session to ask questions and get extra help

Thursday Update

Your next graded DESMOS ASSIGNMENTcan be found here (student code 2G9GP6). Sign in with GoogleBe sure to click the Sign in with Google button to connect your answers to your ICSD account. Pay attention to the feedback the activity gives you, and I’ll leave you some feedback as well.

Completing this activity is due on Tuesday, 5/12 at 2:00 pm, and will be worth 10 points.

Friday Update

Tuesday’s video+notes and Problem Set 1 are due at 2:00 on Friday, 5/8.

Problem Set 2 will also be posted today. It will be due on Tuesday, 5/12

There is another Office Hours session today. Sign up for an Office Hours session to ask questions and get extra help.

Tuesday’s Notes + Video and Problem Set 1 are due at 2:00 today (4 points each). Send a picture or scan of your completed work (I recommend the app TurboScan) to

PROBLEM SET 2 for this week can be found here (as a Google Form) or here (as a PDF download). Submit your answers to this and to your Desmos activity by Tuesday, 5/12 at 2:00 pm. You must obtain a target score of 4 out of 6 points to earn credit for this assignment, but your grade will not be based on how many points you get (just whether or not you made that cutoff). If you submit via the Google Form, the form will tell you which answers were right or wrong, however once you finish the problem set, I will need to access your responses and evaluate for explanations to finalize your score.

Reaching the target score on this assignment worth 8 points in SchoolTool. Submitting the work but not reaching the target score is worth 6 points.

Past Assignments + Additional Practice

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