COVID-19 Closure Week 5 – Distance Learning 2.0 (Regents Exams Cancelled)

Starting on April 13th, the Ithaca City School District has moved to the next phase of our COVID-19 closure: Distance Learning 2.0. Click the link to go to the District’s comprehensive page for this new phase of our learning adventure.

You should have received two emails from Mr. Trumble or the IHS administration (if you missed then, you can find the 4/8 letter here, and the 4/10 letter here). From Mr. Trumble:

  • Starting on Monday April 13th, work assigned by teachers will be mandatory, graded, and will be used in order for our students to continue to earn course credit. 
  • While state Regents exams are cancelled in all subjects, students will need to successfully complete their course of study in order to be granted a waiver for the corresponding exam. Frequently asked questions can be found here
  • To maximize school-home communication we are strongly encouraging students to check their district email and Google Classroom at least once each day.  Details for each specific class will be available Google classroom (or equivalent). 
  • If students don’t understand the assignments or material, students are encouraged to reach out to their teacher for support during the posted office hours, email or additional communication pathway determined by the teacher.  Additional supports are offered through our student services department, our Deans of Students and our Academic Intervention staff.  

Details of what InCA and AP Statistics students should be doing now can be found in the relevant posts.

Important/Useful links:

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