AP Statistics Assignment for Week of 3/30

Update (4/3): I’ve made a short video debrief of this week’s Designing Experiments Desmos activity, highlighting common answers and common errors I saw in your responses. You can find it here.

Also, Collegeboard has release a bunch of new information about the exam, which I’ve summarized here.

Update (4/2): As we move towards the district’s Distance Learning 2.0, I want to shift our focus a bit to another platform: Stats Medic. They have a very well-made AP Statistics review course that I plan to use extensively in these next few weeks. Click the link above, make an account, and start checking things out. You can work through the course in order, but I especially recommend you take a look at Unit 5: Sampling Distributions.

Among the higher-voted requests on my Review Priorities Google Poll was Designing Experiments, and so that’s what I’ve selected to focus on for this week.

  • Watch this video for a recap of this content from Chapter 13 (if you want)
  • Please log into and complete this Desmos lesson here (Desmos room code WYC9CZ).
    • Make sure you hit the “Log In with Google” button.
    • Based on your feedback, I have hit the “Anonymize” button so that there is less pressure for what you enter.
    • Please check back again a day or so after you submit your answers so you can see my feedback!

After you complete the Desmos activity, please log into AP Classroom and complete the “Designing Experiments Quiz” by Thursday April 2 at 3:00 pm. I’ll send you a score, but of course the score will not count towards or against your grade for this course.

If you have questions, post them here or send me an email. On Wednesday, 4/1 at 11:00 am (note the time change), I will host another virtual get-together, probably using Zoom this time (click here for the Chrome app if you’re using your Chromebooks, otherwise I recommend the downloaded version). I’ll post the link to join here and send it out by email when that goes live. Come by and say hello, ask some questions, or just chat. I look forward to seeing you!

Ongoing additional work

  • AP VIDEO STREAMS: I highly recommend you watch the Statistics AP Live! videos run on YouTube every day from 2:00 to 2:45 pm (see this page for the full schedule for all courses). The first several videos are meant to finish the content of the course that we likely will never get to given the ongoing closure. While you will not be tested on this content, it is still useful and important stuff (especially the Chi-Squared videos!)
  • ONLINE MATH PRACTICE: All AP Statistics students have been granted access to IXL, an online math practice tool. There are skill practice modules for math content all the way from Kindergarten through Calculus, and there’s even some decent AP Statistics content. You will have to log in via Clever (instructions are here), click the IXL button on the page that loads, and then navigate to the Pre Calculus section. Any of the modules in sections X: Probability, Y: Probability Distributions, or Z: Statistics would be worthwhile practice for you!
  • EXAM UPDATES: Check back at the Collegeboard’s Coronavirus page for AP courses on Friday, April 3rd for more specific information about how our (and all) exam will look. The majority of you stated you plan to take whatever test Collegeboard puts together, and the rest said you’d wait and see what they come up with for their plan.

Questions? Comments?

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