InCA Assignment for 3/3

LIVE_logoThe asteroid collision with the Earth is imminent, and the current projections show it will enter our atmosphere on Thursday.

We made more progress with the LIVE Trial Run document in class. Your homework is to finish it.


Your Mission

  • Complete the work building the new models for the second mutation in Question 9 of the LIVE Trial Run Document (remember that you will be referring to the models of the first mutation to calculate the numbers of zombies and healthy humans!)
  • Draw these new graphs on your Heuristic Outlook for Population Eradication (HOPE) Display (as before, refer to the Desmos version of the HOPE display here).
  • Complete questions 10, 11, 12 from the Trial Run Document. These will check for your understanding of the work we’ve done these last few days.

Questions? Comments?

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