InCA Assignment for 2/28

Students, you have been appointed as members of LIVE – the League of International Viral Experts. You will be responsible for leading the fight against the zombie virus as it wreaks its havoc.

We have started a trial run of the work you’ll be doing in your groups next week. You have been granted access to the LIVE Trial Run document as well as the Heuristic Outlook for Population Eradication (HOPE) Display. One of your primary objectives in your own work will be to complete this display for the virus’s initial spread through the yet-to-be-identified target country and to update it as the virus mutates. You will find this Desmos calculator graph helpful in beginning this task!

Your homework: Use the table of the Desmos graph (click the dropdown for the “Starting Models” folder) and recreate the graph on your copy of the HOPE display. Use a scale of 0-500 days (5 days per block) on the horizontal axis and 0-320 Million (6.6 million per block) on the vertical axis.

Questions? Comments?

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