InCA Assignment for 1/10

All InCA students will have a Homework Quiz on Monday of the following assignments (these assignments came out in different orders for different periods, but the numbering is the same):

  • HW 4.2 – Evaluating Rational Powers
  • HW 4.3 – Multiplying/Dividing Radicals
  • HW 4.4 – Simplifying Radical Expressions with Rational Roots

Review the homework keys and videos for the past few days to prepare!

3rd and 8th periods did different things today (you’ll be aligned again come Monday)

3rd Period

We returned to our work with fractional exponents and used them to simplify radical expressions

Today’s Links

Cumulative IXL Modules

8th Period

Rational exponents are equivalent to radicals, therefore the shortcuts that we can use working with exponents extend to radicals as well. Today we discussed multiplying and dividing radical expressions.

Today’s Links

Cumulative IXL Modules

Questions? Comments?

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