InCA Assignment for 1/9

3rd and 8th periods did different things today:

3rd period students

We spent some time noticing some things about the powers reference list you’ve created. Many powers evaluate to the same thing (2^6, 4^3, and 8^2 for example, as do 3^4 and 9^2) and you were challenged to come up with why. After that, we played a competitive game where you tried to find as many different ways of expressing the number 256 using multiplication and exponents.

Your homework tonight is to repeat the game with the number 32. A reminder of the rules:

  • The only operations allowed are exponents and multiplication
  • Each term of your expression must have an exponent
  • You may have at most one exponent = 1

8th period students

We returned to our work with fractional exponents and used them to simplify radical expressions

Today’s Links

Cumulative IXL Modules

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