AP Statistics Assignment for 12/5

Your project proposals are due at the start of class (access the full project details here). When you submit the proposal, please include all of your group members’ names in the filename (LastName.LastName.LastName.MidYearProjectProposal) before sharing it with me.

Today, we watched a Vsauce video about the classic trolley problem. The video deals with ethics, both of the problem itself and with creating a realistic experimental scenario to test how people would react in the situation posed. Tomorrow, we will have an organized and structured conversation about ethics ourselves. Please read over the Ethics Discussion Guidelines for details. At the start of class tomorrow, you will be assigned one of two stances to argue:

  • For some experiments, it is okay to lie to subjects in the name of proper experimental design and to preserve the integrity of what is being tested.
  • It is never okay to lie to subjects in an experiment, regardless of what is being tested.

Tomorrow, you’ll be asked to refer to the Vsauce video and the articles below to inform your arguments. Please read these articles, as well as take notes or even print them out so you can refer to them on Friday.

Questions? Comments?

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