AP Statistics Assignment for 11/25

Complete the Unit 3 practice exam multiple choice questions (1-20) and free response question 1 from pages 336-341. This will be due on Monday, December 2 when we return from Thanksgiving break.

Also, we will be starting on our midterm projects after we get back. Over the next few days of break, you should read some blogs, listen to some podcasts, or watch/listen to the news to think of interesting ideas that you’d like to explore. You’ll be asked to come up with a research question and a design of a survey, study, or experiment that you could use to ask it. Some ideas of successful past projects include:

  • Are Double Stuf Oreos actually double the stuffing of regular Oreos?
  • Do various brands of fishing line actually hold the weight they claim?
  • Do students who play sports have better hand-eye coordination that students who do not?
  • Is there an association between students’ academic background and their knowledge of US geography?
  • Does salted water boil faster?

You can’t use any of these ideas, but these are the types of questions you could ask. Also valid would be to take a noted social experiment that you’ve learned about previously and redo it in the high school.

Notice that none of the questions above are “What will happen when we do x to people?” or “What is the effect of x on y?” Your project should be question forward, not method forward. A lot of the time, groups start by thinking about something fun they’d like to do, then struggle to think of a question they’d like to ask about it. This is backwards. You should come up with a question, then come up with a method of how to answer it.

On Monday, you’ll form your groups and start brainstorming ideas. A formal proposal will be due on Wednesday, December 4. Full information about the project can be found online here.

Questions? Comments?

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