Fractals & Chaos Recap for 11/1

We started out today announcing the winners for the Fall 2019 Fractal Art Show (congratulations to those winners!)

We spent most of the period playing with F&C Alum Istvan Burbank’s Chaos Game, trying to find specific designs and sharing interesting outcomes. At the end of the period, we also took a brief look at Robert Devaney’s Chaos Apps, in particular his version of the Chaos Game which actually turns the iterative process into a playable game. Keep in mind that this game requires Java, which means it won’t work on your Chromebook. Please let me know if you need some help getting it working!

For Monday, read the Discover Magazine article Chaos Hits Wall Street. While this is an old article (1993!) it addresses a lot of the topics we’ll be discussing in the second part of the course. We’ll see some updated takes on the theories presented in the next articles.

Questions? Comments?

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