AP Statistics Assignment for 10/23

We discussed a bit of re-expression in class today, and tonight you should read pages 232-236 and 243-246 about an overview of why we re-express and some general strategies in doing so. From pages 251-252, do 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 for a neat little story about evidence for why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.

Your next PPC (personal progress check) has been assigned: Unit 2 MCQ Part B. It will be due by the start of class on Monday, October 28. As with the previous PPC, there is a 35 minute timer. You are not required to work by the timer, and its expiration will not lock you out of the PPC. It is there only as a guide for how long I expect this PPC should take.

Finally: Your Unit 2 test will be on Tuesday, October 29.

Questions? Comments?

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