AP Statistics Assignment for 10/10

We will be referring again to the Tale of Two Cities activity from last week. Period 1 can find your data here, and period 7 students can find your data here.

Finish reading Chapter 7 (Pages 192-197). Also, watch this video from APStatsGuy, which gives a great explanation for how r^2, the Coefficient of Determination, is interpreted.

From pages 208-209, do 24a, 33, 34, and 48

Also: read over the Chapter 7 Investigative Task. As with previous tasks, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about this in class tomorrow and will have the weekend to complete your response in a Google Document, to be shared with me once you are done. A heads up: your response will be due by 10:00am on Monday, October 14 (not Tuesday when we get back!)

Questions? Comments?

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