AP Statistics Assignment for 10/4, plus Quiz Warning!

We will again be referring to the temperature activity from this week in class today.

This weekend, please finish reading chapter 6 (pages 163-166, skipping the section on straightening) and do exercises 27, 28, 29, and 40 from pages 171-173.

If you’d like to know more about the math behind the correlation coefficient, I recommend you read my two posts about this topic here and here. I also encourage you to hone your correlation estimation skills at GuessTheCorrelation.com.

Your next PPC (personal progress check) has been assigned: Unit 2 MCQ Part A. It will be due by the start of class on Tuesday, October 8. As with the previous PPC, there is a 30 minute timer. You are not required to work by the timer, and its expiration will not lock you out of the PPC. It is there only as a guide for how long I expect this PPC should take.

Finally, we will have a short Chapter 6 quiz on Monday, October 7 in class, covering the properties and interpretation of correlation and associations (the PPC would be good practice for this quiz!)

Questions? Comments?

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