Fractals & Chaos Lesson Recap for 9/18

We had a short conversation about the nature of dimension in class today, after yesterday‘s wild results. In a quest to identify “true” two-dimensional entities in our world (since the conventional example of a piece of paper still does have some thickness), we observed that there may be a difference between “intrinsic” dimension, that is a characteristic of an object versus the “extrinsic” dimension of the space it occupies. For example, a desk is clearly a three dimensional object, but the surface of the desk could be thought of as 2D and the desk’s height could be considered 1D.

We resolved to think on this some more for a further conversation tomorrow, and transitioned to working some more with FractaSketch. I demonstrated how to make a fern using the program and made available some basic templates that you could use as inspiration for the upcoming 2019 Fractal Art Show.

The exact date of the art show will be determined later, but I will expect from each of you one entry in three of the following categories:

  • Fern
  • Tree (or shrubs, bushes, weeds, etc.)
  • Spiral
  • Realistic (other natural phenomena)
  • Artistic (patterns, designs, etc.)

Again, each student will be submitting three entries, each falling in a separate category.

Please feel free to work on your designs outside of class and transfer them to the laptops we’ve been using in class.

For tomorrow: continue to think about what the term “dimension” really means, per yesterday’s conversation.

Questions? Comments?

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