Assignment for Spring Break

It’s spring break. We just finished the long walk from February break to April. When we get back, we’ll only have 8 short weeks before the end of the school year. But you have a week to rest and regroup  before we get there. So here’s your assignment for this week:

Stay up until 3am, then sleep in until noon. Read a book. Watch a movie. Make a movie with some friends. Go out at night and ponder the stars. Go for a hike in the Cornell Botanic Gardens. Hang out on The Commons with some friends, then each lunch at Waffle Frolic. Plan a day trip to Syracuse, or NYC. Go to the SPCA and pet the cats (or the dogs!). Listen to some music. Start to learn to play an instrument. Do a barrel roll. Watch the first two episodes of Game of Thrones. Go play in a trivia game at Kilpatricks or Ithaca Bakery. Go for a run before the sun rises. Go for a walk in Stewart Park. Go say hi to Mr. Noyes at the farmer’s market (he sells flowers!). Do some push ups, or pull ups, or squats. Make dinner for your family. Bake something. Go out and do a Random Act of Kindness for a stranger. Hop on the TCAT and just ride around for an hour. Go to a restaurant and order something you’ve never tried before. If you’re in AP Statistics, work out of your review book (Practice Exam 1 would be a good choice!).  Go out and practice some rock balancing. Play a board game. Learn a card trick. Start a YouTube channel. Take some pictures, but don’t show them to anybody. Do your chores. Do someone else’s chores. Talk to someone with different opinions from you. Go to somewhere in Ithaca you’ve never been to before. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and find some time to relax. Then come back on the 22nd ready to work.

Questions? Comments?

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