AP Statistics Assignment for 4/5

This weekend, complete the Chapter 25 Investigative Task, using the tests you settled on in class today. If you want to change your mind about which test you use to answer each question, that is okay! Just include an explanation of why you are changing your mind.

As usual, your response should be completed in a Google Document and submitted to me (bkirk@icsd.k12.ny.us) by the start of class on Monday. Please name your file appropriately.  The file name should have the format “LastName.FirstName.Ch25InvTask”. For example, mine would be “Kirk.Benjamin.Ch25InvTask”.

Finally, if you have not yet shown me your purchased copy of the Barron’s AP Statistics review book you must have for our AP exam review (or sent me a selfie with both you and the book), please do so by Monday.

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