Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 2/13

We have started the final phase of our miniature golf project: designing our own golf holes.

Your homework, due Friday, is this Right Triangle Side Ratio Practice sheet. You’re asked to find the missing angles and side lengths of various triangles, using the techniques we discussed in class.  Use the Side Ratio Reference Sheet, as well as this video you watched as a part of Phase 3 as a guideline for your work here!

If you missed class today…

Watch the following eMathInstruction videos and take appropriate notes. Note sheets can be found on this page (and yes, some of these notes pages may look familiar).

After watching these videos, you have a choice:

  1. Complete the corresponding homework assignment sheets that correspond to these lessons from Kirk Weiler’s eMathInstruction website (Lessons 4 and 5), or
  2. Complete the following IXL modules up to a score of at least 80

Questions? Comments?

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