AP Statistics Assignment for 11/6

From pages 278-279, do exercises 28, 29, 33, 36

You will be given an Investigative Task in class tomorrow to review and start, then finish for tomorrow night’s homework.

3 thoughts on “AP Statistics Assignment for 11/6

    • Recall that “The W’s” are a tool for understanding the context of a set of data you are considering. They give you a way of assessing how reliable the data are and whether the information comes from a reputable source.

      Here, we are designing simulations for the purpose of getting a sense for our our data “should” behave if its variability were governed only by random chance. We have to understand randomness before we can understand significance. We expect a certain amount of variability, but how much is too much? Eventually, we’ll use tools of probability to answer this question, but simulations give us a way of peeking behind that curtain.

      So your question is referring to two fundamentally different ideas in statistics. There are no W’s here, as we are not analyzing real data.

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