Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 10/26

We spent some more time in class today reviewing the procedures we have discussed in class these past two weeks. The study guide we created can be found linked below.

This weekend, you should study for your quiz on Monday. It will cover all of what we’ve done in this unit so far. Some suggestions:

  • Read over your notes and the examples we did in class. Redo the examples and check them against your notes.
  • Work on the quiz review sheet and check your answers (links below)
  • Work on IXL review modules N.4, N.5, and N.6
  • Watch the videos with additional examples linked below.
  • Ask me questions! I’ve gotten a lot of complaints of “I don’t understand this,” but part of ownership is taking the initiative on your own to demand help to understand. Don’t wallow in self-pity of “Oh I just don’t get it.” Get mad! Say “No, this will not do! I am not satisfied with not understanding! Mr. Kirk, I demand you help me get this!” This will require your time and your effort, but that must come from you!

Today’s Files

Cumulative IXL Modules

Questions? Comments?

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