Fractals and Chaos Recap for 10/25

We finished collecting the data for the Richardson Plot for finding the dimension of Great Britain, finding it to be approximately 1.23 (compared to the 1.25 that Mandelbrot reported in his essay How Long is the Coast of Britain?.

From there, we considered the border between Spain and Portugal and looked at three maps at different levels of detail. We used measurements taken from those maps to find the dimension of that border, and then considered a question of history. Richardson wrote that one country has historically given the length of the border as 987 km, while the other has given a length of 1214 km.  Your assignment is to decide which country is which, and why might this difference have a logical basis simply on how the countries measured the border, and could have nothing to do at all with politics.

The next reading assignment from Fractals: The Patterns of Chaos is from pages 83-92: “Fractal Math Imitations, Both Fanciful and Real.” Please have that section read by tomorrow.

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