AP Statistics Assignment for 10/12

Your homework this weekend is to complete the Chapter 7 Investigative Task. It will be due at the start of class on Monday the 15th, and as usual, your response should be completed in a Google Document and submitted to me (bkirk@icsd.k12.ny.us). Please name your file appropriately.  The file name should have the format “LastName.FirstName.Ch7InvTask”. For example, mine would be “Kirk.Benjamin.Ch7InvTask”.

You will want to use Stapplet, this time the Two Quantitative Variables app, to create your scatterplot and other analysis. Remember that you can take a screenshot of just a portion of your Chromebook screen by using the Ctrl+Shift+Window Switch buttons.

Also, I want you to start to use the Chrome extension EquatIO for creating your equations. The built-in Google Docs equation editor is good, but EquatIO is a much more robust editor that allows you to create complicated equations quickly and easily. You can find a quick video of how it works here.

Questions? Comments?

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