Fractals & Chaos Recap for 10/11

For Monday, read this article from Nature about the connection between fractals and the famous Rorschach inkblot test.

Please sign up for snacks for next week’s Fractal Art Show

A reminder that the due date for our Fractal artwork will be Monday, October 15th.

On Monday, you will turn in one submission in three of the following categories

  • Fern
  • Tree
  • Spiral
  • Realistic
  • Artistic

All works should have your name, the category, a notation on which way is up, a title (for the realistic and artistic categories) and a note about whether it is an “official” work, i.e., one of the three expected from all students, or an “additional” work that you would like to be considered in an “Additional Works” category.

In addition, for one of your official submissions, I also will be collecting one template. You’ll need to take a screenshot of the template, including its arrows, and print that as a separate page.

I recommend importing your images into a single Google Docs file, one image per page, and printing that document. This seems to work well.

Questions? Comments?

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