Intermediate Algebra Assignment for 10/9

We will be having our unit 1 exam this Thursday, October 11.  Today in class we started reviewing for the exam.  Tonights homework is to complete the review packet that was given in class, and is attached below.

HW 1.19- Unit 1 Exam Review 1

Unit 1 Exam Information:

This exam will cover everything from the first day of school.  The unit was broken down into 3 sections, each section ending with a quiz. It is highly recommended you look over your old quizzes and homework.

Quiz 1 Included:
Evaluating expressions (PEMDAS), solving linear equations, solving linear inequalities, and solving absolute value equations.
Quiz 1 Cumulative IXL
A.2 Evaluate variable expressions involving rational numbers
B.1 Solve linear equations
B.4 Solv absolute value equations
C.2 Write inequalities from graphs
C.4 Solve linear inequalities
C.5 Graph solutions to linear inequalities

Quiz 2 Included:
Polynomial Vocabulary, Polynomial operations, Translating Expressions and word problems.
Quiz 2 Cumulative IXL
Z.1- Polynomial vocab
Z.4- Add and subtract polynomials
Z.6- Multiply a monomial by a polynomial
Z.8- Multiply two binomials
F.1- Perimeter problems
F.3- Perimeter and area word problems

Quiz 3 Included:
Factoring a Greatest Common Factor, Factoring the difference of two perfect squares, factoring trinomials with the leading coefficient as a=1, and factoring trinomials with the leading coefficient a≠1.
Quiz 3 Cumulative IXL
AA.2- Factoring out a monomial
AA.3: Factoring Quadratics Using Algebra Tiles
AA.4- Factor quadratics with leading coefficient as 1
AA.5- Factor quadratics with other leading coefficients
AA.6- Difference of perfect squares (special cases)

Questions? Comments?

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