Hello Students and Parents/Caregivers!

Welcome to my website!  I designed this site to be a simple and useful means for me to communicate with you outside of class. Read on for how this site will be useful to you.


I will post the daily homework assignments (and daily notes whenever possible) here on this site by the end of the school day.  If you are absent from class, either from illness or some other reason, you are expected to come to this site to find out any homework assignments you may have missed. Use the links at the top of the page to find assignments specific to your course. I hope that you will be able to keep up with work even when you are not present, but I understand you may be unable to in some cases and so will help you create a plan to catch up on missed work.


The comments for every homework post are open and anonymous.  If you ever have questions about any aspect of the homework, come here and make a quick post.  I will check the site often and answer your question as quick as I can.  You don’t need to give your actual name when you post, so don’t feel embarrassed about asking!  Besides, I’ve never seen the case where only one person had a particular question; if you’re wondering, somebody else is probably wondering too.

If you want to come get some extra help during the day, see the Contacting me & Getting Help page at the top!


That’s right!  I will always announce an upcoming test or quiz here on this page before I announce it in class!  There may also be occasional pop quizzes in class that will be announced here as well! Visit this page every day so you can plan out your studying and preparation.


In my Statistics class in particular, but occasionally in Intermediate Algebra, we will do a few projects over the course of the year.  Any details about these projects that I give in class I will also post here.  If you forget when a part of a project is due, visit the site and check the post about it!


Intermediate Algebra and AP Statistics both have a major end-of-year test (Fractals and Chaos does not).  When we get nearer to these exams, I will post links, advice, and test taking strategies to help you prepare for these tests.


Finally, every so often when I come across something interesting about the field of mathematics, I’ll post about it here.  It could be a news article, a nifty website, or just something I heard.  The world of math is constantly changing and evolving, despite what you may think.  New strategies of solving puzzles are found, old puzzles are being solved, and those solutions are leading to new puzzles every day!

I hope you will visit this site often.  Please bookmark it and check it often, and sign up for the text message notifications and announcements on the Course Information page. I look forward to working with all of you this coming year.  Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you in class!

Oh, and incidentally, my favorite color is green. That may be relevant to an upcoming quiz…

Questions? Comments?

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