AP Statistics Assignment for 4/12

Your final Investigative Task assignment can be found here. For this task, you are being asked to complete three Chi-Squared tests to answer various questions about the results of the 2016 AP Statistics exam. You will spend some time thinking about which test to use for which question in class, and you will be asked to report your decision before you start on the task.

You are permitted to change your mind about which test is used for which question, but your task response must include an explanation for why you are changing your decision. As usual, your response should be completed in a Google Document and submitted to me (bkirk@icsd.k12.ny.us) by the beginning of class tomorrow. Please name your file appropriately.  The file name should have the format “LastName.FirstName.Ch25InvTask”.  For example, mine would be “Kirk.Benjamin.Ch25InvTask“.



Questions? Comments?

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