AP Statistics Assignment for 4/3

Your Unit 6 test is tomorrow, and as another style of review we looked at some actual AP exam questions from past versions of the test. Specifically, we looked at 2014 Question 5 and 2012 Question 3 (these links bring up the entire exams, so find those questions specifically). If you weren’t in class today, I’d recommend you take a look at these questions, write out a response, and grade yourself based on the scoring guidelines here (2014 Q5) and here (2012 Q3).

If you’re interested in tackling another question, try 2012 Question 4 (and review the scoring guidelines and sample solutions here).

Your test on Unit 6 will be tomorrow. Remember that while I will ask you questions about when any of the procedures we’ve used up to this point could be applied, the only procedures I’ll actually ask you to do are the ones from Unit 6 (i.e., the t-tests/intervals).


Questions? Comments?

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