AP Statistics Assignment for 4/2

We’re going to be doing the second part of the SAT task in class tomorrow, so be sure to bring your sample to class so you can refer to that. This task will be closed notes and closed textbook, so you might want to review the process for a 2-sample t-test and matched pairs t-test.

Your test on Unit 6 will be on Thursday, April 5th, and you can find the full set of review materials here. While the only inference procedures I’ll ask you to do will be from unit 6, you should still expect to need to identify when to use any of the procedures we’ve learned up to this point. I’d recommend you spend some time reviewing from unit 6, but also work on the cumulative review from the Practice Exam at the end of Unit 6. From pages 666-671, do the odd-numbered multiple choice questions as well as free response questions 2 and 5. This will be due on Wednesday.


Questions? Comments?

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